A range of medical and health scales in South East Queensland

At SEQ Weighing we provide a wide range of scales for health and medical related industries all across South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. To ensure the safety and accuracy of our products, we use only the most trusted brands, such as SECA. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest technology and innovations. At SEQ Weighing, you can trust that you will get the finest scales and measuring equipment at the most affordable rates possible. Call and speak to one of our friendly staff today for more details.

Industry approved products

Delivering service and products you can trust, all of our scales and weighing equipment meet the approved industry regulations and are manufactured to the highest standards. We have bench scales and wireless scales, scales designed for ease of use and quick clean-up, as well as precision measuring equipment perfect for smaller items.

Our large platform floor scales are ideal for weighing crates or boxes of supplies or goods. Small platform scales are both accurate and quick to record results for lighter weighing applications.

Medical and health industry products

SEQ Weighing is the premier provider of scales and measuring equipment to industries related to the health and medical professions throughout South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Our products are one hundred percent reliable, accurate, and cost effective. Call our experts today for more details.

Quality guaranteed

If you are looking for the very best in measuring equipment and scales, SEQ Weighing has the products to suit your needs. Our mechanical balances are suited for weighing solids, liquids and powders. We have precision balances for accuracy when measuring chemicals. All of our products are guaranteed to be the best quality. Contact our office in South East Queensland to find out more.